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FAQs Section

How to remove the instrument cluster?

We offer instructions on instrument cluster removal for most GM Vehicles
click On the name of your vehicle to learn how to remove the instrument cluster from your vehicle:


Silverado, Sierra, Suburban, Avalanche, Tahoe, Colorado, Trailblazer, Impala, Monte Carlo, Cavalier, Venture, Malibu, s10, SSR.


Sierra, Yukon, Denali, Canyon, Envoy.


Silhouette, Bravada.


Escalade, Escalade EXT, Escalade ESV.


Sunfire, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Aztek, Boneville, Montana, Rendezvous.


Rainier, Le-sabre.

What is the estimated turn-around time?

We offer a 24 hrs turn-around unless special cases like VIN Programming, faceplate replacement, transmission temperature gauge addition on GMC and CHEVY trucks.

Is there a warranty on the service?

Individual gauge and Full rebuild services come with a 1 year on labor and lifetime parts warranty.

Full rebuild vs Individual gauge repair?

Selecting between our individual gauge or full rebuild service is up to you, however we invite you to read our" Why is my instrument cluster not working properly?" link to help you make a desicion.

What are the type of payment accepted?

We take most Credit Cards, PayPal, Money Orders, Certified Checks, and COD(Collect On Delivery) additional fee of $9 dollars apply for COD delivery

What is the procces to obtain the service?

  1. Please select from Our Prices Page , the option that better fits your needs..
  2. If you use our check out page to pay for the service you will be re-directed, -at the end of the transacction- to our Work Order download page, where you can download the work order form that you have to include with your shipment .
  3. If paying with Money Order, Certified Check, COD, or if for any reason you are not directed to the Work Order Download Page, please download the work order from the following link: Download Work Order.
  4. Send your instrument cluster to:
    Speedometer Repair Center
    937 NORFOLK ST
    SAN MATEO CA 94401
    (Shipping addres is also at the top of the work order)
  5. Wait for your Instrument Cluster to arrive on the mail to proceed to the installation, please contact us if you need any help installing of removing your instrument cluster from your vehicle.


Why is my instrument cluster not working properly?

If the instrument cluster in your vehicle is not working properly and your vehicle belongs to the 2002-2006 GM Family, the problem is related to the stepper motors used to build your clsuter. We use updated parts that carry a life-time warranty.

How to remove instrument cluster speedometer on a Silverado, Sierra, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Escalade EXT/ESV.

*******Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent any accidental short circuit*****
1. Apply the parking brake to prevent the vehicle from moving.
2. If equipped with an automatic transmission, move the shift lever all the way down to last gear (this will allow you room to remove the bezel).
3. Tilt the steering wheel to the full down position.
4. Pull gently rearward on the corners of the bezel from the instrument panel (IP) assembly. There are no screws holding in place.
5. Remove the bezel.
6. Remove the (7mm hex head) screws that retain the Instrument Panel Cluster.
7. Remove the IPC from the vehicle by tilting the bottom of the cluster outward.
8. Disconnect the IPC harness from the IPC by squeezing in it's clamp tab and pulling moderately.

How to remove instrument cluster speedometer on an Envoy and Traiblazer.

*******Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent any accidental short circuit*****
2 Remove (2) Phillips screws inside the instrument cluster.
3 Remove (1) Phillips screw under climate control (to the left of power outlet).
4 Remove (2) 7mm hex heads from under the steering column and lower the panel.
5 Remove (3) Phillips screws around the steering wheel.
6 Unsnap and remove bezel. (use caution pulling over the hazard switch).
6 At t his point you should be able to see the 7mm hex head screws that hold the cluster in place.
7 Remove the 7mm screws and tilt the cluster by pulling outwards the bottom of the cluster. 8 Disconnect the plug in the back of the cluster by pressing on its tab moderately.

How to remove instrument cluster speedometer Chevy Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire.

Please CLICK HERE to learn how to remove the instrument cluster from your Cavalier.

How to remove instrument cluster speedometer on a chevrolet Impala

1. First, open front doors and leave them open. Remove the exposed left and right fuse panel covers by pulling straight out with a finger in the hole. Remove single Phillips screw from each end of the dashboard plastic where it wraps around.
2. Remove two screws from the dashboard above the instrument cluster.
3. Depressing two clips, lower the plastic cover above the foot pedals and let it hang carefully on the footlight wires exposing two screws holding a panel below the steering column.
4. Remove the two screws from this panel, lower the front slightly and pull it towards the steering wheel. It should pop off exposing a single screw on the bottom of the dashboard plastic to the left of the steering column.
5. Remove this single screw and the whole dashboard can now be pulled off from around the instrument cluster, radio and steering column for its full length. The heater vents come with it. Pry gently but firmly with fingers across the top and bottom, back-and-forth across the full width until all the dashboard clips snap out. The steering wheel should be lowered fully and the gear lever put in first gear to get it out of the way. This will require having the key in and in the ON position. The dashboard will pull over the key. There is a plastic insert with the off/on/acc. key positions which snaps over the key lock and it may come off with the dashboard. Once the dashboard is reinstalled simply snap it back in. Once all the clips have released pull the top of the dashboard toward you carefully so the four-way flasher switch on the upper right of the cluster is clear of the top of the dash. Squeeze the clip and remove the plug from the back of the switch. This done, the whole dashboard can be removed carefully from the car. It is long and flimsy.
6. There are four screws holding the exposed instrument cluster in place. Remove them and pull the cluster gently towards the steering wheel exposing the single wiring harness plugged into the top right of the cluster. Squeeze the single tab on the plug fully and pull it out of the cluster. Remove the cluster fully from the dash.

How to remove instrument cluster speedometer in a Monte Carlo.

1. Adjust the steering wheel for access.
2. Using a small flat-bladed tool, remove the bezel from the ignition switch cylinder.
3. Remove the access cover from the left IP fuse block.
4. Remove the steering column filler
5. Remove the instrument panel (I/P) fuse block access hole cover.
6. Disengage the left I/P insulator retainers from the lower I/P trim pad.
7. Remove the steering column filler panel bolts.
8. Pull the steering column filler panel rearward to disengage the retainers. Lower the filler panel away from the I/P lower trim panel.
9. Disconnect the electrical connector from the rear compartment release switch.
10. Open the IP compartment door.
11. Remove the screw from the left side of the IP cluster trim plate.
12. Remove the screw from the right side of the IP cluster trim plate.
13 If the vehicle is equipped with a front floor console, position the transaxle shift control lever to the rear most position.
14. Remove the trim plate starting at the right side of the IP cluster and pulling rearward, continuing until all of the retainers are released.
15. Disconnect the electrical connector from the hazard switch. Important: Moderately twist the left side of the IP cluster trim plate in order to clear the cluster area from the instrument panel.
16. At this point you should be able to remove the cluster form the vehicle.